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 I have set this site up to specialise in my
Moon Gazing Hare Sculptures. 

Hand made using a durable
MARBLE based mix 
suitable for outdoor use
by myself, here in my
 Workshop in Wales.

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"Hares have a long history as a sacred animal. 
 Witches are said to be able to shape-shift in to this creature.  
The Hare was associated with fertility and the coming of 
Spring and was sacred to the Spring Goddess Eostre or Ostara.  
They are also historically linked being captivated by the Moon, 
hence the phrase "Moon Gazing" Hares". 






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All Hare sculpture orders receive a free Moon Gazing Hare fact sheet.

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moon dancer hare

"Moondancer & Baby Leveret"

42cms high x 20cms wide




shadow moon gazing hare


Shadow the Large 
Moon Gazing Hare.

65cms long x 14cms wide


Moon beam the moon gazing hare

Moonbeam the Large 
Moon Gazing Hare.

40cms high x 21cms wide


twilight the moon gazing hare

Twilight the Moon Gazing Hare.

14cms high x 6.5 wide



Gaia the large Sacred
 Moon Gazing Hare.

34cms high x 16cms high



Lupus the Moon Goddess.

27cms high x 12cms wide



Lunar  the 
Moon Gazing Hare"




The Avalon Hare 
Wall Plaque




Acorn the Crouching Hare



Sirius The 
old chieftain Moon Gazing Hare"



hare and stars wall plaque

The Hare & Stars Wall Plaque



willow hare plaque

Willow LARGE Wall Plaque




Little Petal the Moon Gazing Hare.

10.5cms high x 4.8 wide


For an Extensive 
Range of 
Moon Gazing Hare Jewellery

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"Simply Stunning! Luna Moon Hare Book"
by Wendy Andrew





My Hare Wall Plaque 
Selection on my website 
Spirit of the Green Man!









Magical Mystery

By day I am a shadow that hides in the light,
By darkness a moonbeam that dances the night,
I am the spirit that runs with the Moon,
From Spring Time to harvest, in time 
with Earth's tune

I am the spirit of fresh greening fields,
I grow with the year till her harvest she yields

I am the last sheaf bound up with the corn,
The spirit of Earth, forever reborn

I am a shape changer, I change like the year
I fly as the Owl and I run as the Deer

The eggs of the Lapwing are left in my care,
For I am the Mystery and Magic, I am the Hare

So, if you should seek me lying close in my form,
I will run through your dreams from darkness till dawn.

Sharon L. Shute 1998.


Welcome to my selection of Sacred Hares. 

I am passionate about our links with the old traditions and 
hopefully this will be manifested in my sculptures.

Welcome to my selection of Sacred Hares.  Ranging from Sculptures, jewellery and more. 

The sculptures are made from marble aggregate for endurance and use indoors or out. 
  Don't forget to visit my Home Page  for lots more esoteric sculptures.

Payment can be made on line or tel 029 20850501 or 07914 779 440 to make a card payment over the phone or to discuss your order. (1000hrs to 2000hrs) 





A recent glowing review of "Spirit of the Green Man"  from the excellent   Healing Spirit Website :

"This site is fabulous. If you are looking to buy any Celtic ornaments for the garden or the home then this site is a must. I have personally bought a number of pieces and I am amazed at the quality and beauty of each of the items. Each piece is unique and Kathleen is able to make any personalized adaptations, within reason, to each of her pieces. The conduct of this business is what I would expect from a Celtic service in terms of integrity and helpfulness."

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