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Welcome to my website!

My hand made mystical Moon Gazing Hare Sculptures start their life in a peaceful Tranquil garden, lovingly hand crafted by myself in natures setting, watched over by many ancient trees.

They are made from a high quality Marble Mixture, which provides very high detail and has proven to be extremely durable and resistant to all that the British weather can throw at it!

Each one receives individual care and attention, so that the end product is a high quality, unique & fully weather proof sculpture for you to treasure.

My Sculptures with love, will bring spirituality, renewal & hope to the child of nature within us. "Come sit a while, enjoy our faces, for while you are here our heart embraces"

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☀ I also have a Website: "Spirit of the Green Man" For my hand crafted Green Men & Mystical Sculptures

☀ I also have a shop: "The Spirit of the Green Man Studio" in the beautiful Wye Valley in Wales.

Many thanks for visiting my website from Kathleen Minton @ Spirit of the Green Man.